Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Welcome to Visionwell Coaching


We are a well of vision. We contain all the answers we usually seek outside. If you look into the mirror of water you will see within the well of resources you actually contain. Coaching can guide you like the water reflects. Life is an act of creation that we influence day-by-day, thought after thought. And as we are mostly made of water, we are all susceptible to the vibrations that the water carries, whether positive or negative and whether or not we are conscious of it. A well of vision suggests a playful way of working, a joyful and personal way of teasing out apparently inexistent information, a celebratory way of bringing life out of our being.

The well has a constant supply of water that produces bucketful after bucketful of it for as long as one is willing to pull them out. It suggests co-operation because, though the water is there, we must make the effort to throw the bucket in and pull the rope. The water is also a mirror of our own ‘imperfections’ which can become our own greatest assets. As the coach guides you to your own clear water, you will bring about the vision that will reflect your own true destiny and legacy. Our reality begins as a vision.

Rossana Chiarelli

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